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h e   w i l l   h a v e   m y   b a c k.

h e   w i l l   h a v e   m y   b a c k.

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Jensen Ackles Meme : 2/3 quotes

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you know, having a family can be a hard thing … makes you vulnerable
   i know
      can be a good thing, too
         I   K N O W

Dylan O’Brien + Facial hair.

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2.09 // 2.22

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It’s perfectly possible. It’s just bloody difficult. 

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olicity appreciation week | day seven: free choice ► bruised + battered

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who cares where happiness comes from? we’re all a little weird, we’re all a little wacky - some more than others - but if it works, it works. you got something here. don’t let that go. you’ll never forgive yourself.

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